Junie B. Jones, JR - Cast List
Junie. B. Jones ----- Berklee Neel
Mother ----- Kariyah Daniels
Daddy ----- Emilio Devuyst
Lucille ----- Avery Cooper
Mr. Woo ----- Bryson White
Herbert ----- Eric Michael O’Bryan
May ----- Emma Kimbrel
Lennie ----- Justin Brackins
 Jose’ ----- Ben White
Mr. Scary ----- Connor Rogers
Shirley ----- Ella Cherry
Sheldon ----- Issac McGhee
Gladys Gutzman ----- Zavery Forsberg
Ensemble/School Students:
Hunter Tucker, Carlee Conyers, Kylee Bailey, Azalyn Harmon, Tiasia Alston, Kailin Trejo, Halli Barnhart, Haley Yon, Andrea Flowers, Navaeh Martin, Lakynn Williams, Hadleigh Hatcher, Kaniyah Berry, Haley Walls, Karen Sims, Annalyn Meneses, Emily Cowart, Rosie Waldron, Bella Rosenburger, Paisley Daniels 
***Characters Camille, Chenille, Grace, Bobbi Jean Piper and other speaking parts will be assigned during the first week of rehearsals. 

Congratulations to everyone! There were no easy decisions! I am so proud of your bravery to audition and can’t wait to get started. :)