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Title I Annual Parent Meeting

Parent and Family Engagement

Out-Of-Field Teachers

A teacher is out of field when he/she is certified to teach, but is not teaching in the area of his/her certification.

1012.42, Fla. Stat. requires the following:

“A parent whose student is assigned an out-of-field teacher may request that his or her child be transferred to an in-field classroom teacher within the school and grade in which the student is currently enrolled. The school district must approve or deny the parent’s request and transfer the student to a different classroom teacher within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 2 weeks, if an in-field teacher for that course or grade level is employed by the school and the transfer does not violate maximum class size pursuant to s. 1003.03 and s. 1, Art. IX of the State Constitution. If a request for transfer is denied, the school must notify the parent and specify the reasons for the denial. An explanation of the transfer process must be made available in the student handbook or a similar publication. This subsection does not provide a parent the right to choose a specific teacher. “

If your child is assigned to a teacher who is out of field and you wish to request that your child be transferred to an infield teacher, please contact the school’s principal. Transfers are based on the availability of an infield teacher, and cannot violate class size requirements.

Out of Field Teacher Notice